Welcome to Art at Gainsborough Primary and Nursery School.

At Gainsborough Primary and Nursery School, we believe that high-quality Art lessons will engage, inspire and challenge our children. 

Art is at the heart of our school and interlinks most areas of our bespoke curriculum, deepening the knowledge and enriching the children’s experiences. 


Our Art curriculum provides children with the opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and techniques. Children learn the skills of drawing, painting, printing, collage and sculpture; using such materials as pencils, charcoal, paint and clay. Children are expected to be reflective and evaluate their work by thinking critically about how they could improve or change their techniques. 

These skills will improve and progress year on year as they are revisited in greater depth and become embedded. 

Children will be introduced to a range of famous artists and their works, and will learn to create their own masterpieces in the style of such artists. Our children will reflect and learn how Art has shaped history and how it differs globally. 

All our children have a sketchbook to record observations and develop their skills, thoughts and ideas; this will accompany them throughout their school life to show progression of skills. 


Our Art curriculum is a skills based progression of lessons which are accessible to all. We provide all pupils the opportunity to achieve and exceed the national expectations by; 

· participating in high quality Art lessons provided by class teachers and where possible local artists and experts. 

· incorporating different genre to ensure children have lots of choice and develop crucial skills and techniques. 

· developing and using key knowledge and vocabulary. 

· providing the correct materials and tools to develop specific skills and techniques. 

Progression is planned to ensure that key skills are revisited and children are given the opportunity to embed, build on and extend prior learning. 


Our Art curriculum will impact our children by; 

· improving their creativity 

· achieving age related expectations 

· retaining knowledge about specific artists and using appropriate vocabulary to discuss similarities and differences between them. 

· improving the quality of artwork throughout the school. 

At Gainsborough we want all children to produce artwork that displays their skills, techniques and creativity. We provide the children with opportunities to showcase their artwork both in the classroom and throughout school and the wider community.

Be Ready:

- To Listen and Learn
- To Share
- To Follow Instructions
- To Work Hard and Do Your Best
- To Help and Be Kind

Be Respectful:

- Think About Others
- Use Good Manners
- Choose the Right Behaviours
- Talk to Others in the Right Way
- Accept and Celebrate our Differences

Be Safe:

- Play and Learn Safely
- Report Bullying or Unkind Behaviour
- Move Around School Carefully
- Tell an Adult if You Don't Feel Safe
- Look After Each Other

What's Going on at the School