Reception 2021 - 2022

Mrs Clewes

Mrs Clewes

Mrs Grocott

Mrs Grocott

Mrs Hampshire

Mrs Hampshire

Your team is:          

Class 1 Teacher - Mrs Lynsey Hampshire                                   Class 2 Teachers - Mrs Amy Clewes/Mrs Katie Grocott

Teaching Assistants  - Mrs Helen Cooper/Mr Joe Dunn 

Welcome to Reception 

We truly believe that children will grow and develop throughout their school life and beyond if they build firm foundations in the Early years.  This is why our key aim at Gainsborough is to provide a broad and balanced, varied and progressive curriculum to help our child gain the skills needed to further their educational journey successfully.  We plan carefully so that all children are able to access, explore, enjoy and flourish every day. We promote a love for reading from an early age, providing our children with new and exciting vocabulary to shape their future. Take a look at some of the exciting things we get up to…


rec42(1).JPG    rec31.JPG    Making friendships  
     Getting active     rec38.JPG   rec23(1).JPG
rec19.JPG rec26.JPG rec10.JPGDesigning & Creating

   Superstar writers   rec24.JPG    IMG_4027.JPG


rec21.JPG    rec12.JPG   rec11.JPG  Imaginative play  
  Wonderful readers   rec6.JPG   rec25.JPG
IMG_0406.JPG rec9.JPG  Able mathematicians 
  Keen explorers    IMG_0850.JPG  rec3.JPG  rec36.JPG

And most of all happy, confident and independent little people!

     rec29.JPG  rec33(1).JPG rec39.JPG rec5.JPG rec41.JPG rec34.JPG rec32.JPG



Click here to see the fun we have had so far this half term...





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