Reception 2018 - 2019

Mrs Clewes

Mrs Clewes

Mrs Grocott

Mrs Grocott

Mrs Giblin

Mrs Giblin

Mrs Binner

Mrs Binner

Mrs Edge

Mrs Edge

Welcome to Foundation Stage.

The Reception Team are busy planning and teaching a creative curriculum to enthuse and motivate the children.

Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any questions or concerns. We are more than happy to help.

Thank you in advance for all your support.

All about us!



Mrs Binner enjoys spending time outdoors with her family including pet dog!

Mrs Hampshire enjoys trips to the zoo with her own little cheeky monkey!!!

Mrs Grocott loves spending time with her family and dancing with her little girl.

Mrs Edge enjoys listening to music from the 1980s and spending time with her 5 children.

Mrs Giblin loves travelling and going for walks with her daughter and sausage dogs.

Mrs Clewes enjoys painting and making cakes, yum!


Our Reception Classes

Our Reception pupils are taught in one large open plan classroom. The teachers and teaching assistants work collaboratively to ensure all 7 areas of learning are met within the exciting learning environment.

The children are allowed access to the outdoors everyday, we know that some children learn best outside and therefore we provide outdoor learning opportunities come rain or shine!

We use the EYFS curriculum to ensure our enabaling environment provides rich learning opportunities, support for children to take risks and explore, uses stimulating resources and enables fun and playful teaching!

Welcome to Reception!





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Inset Day, by Mrs Harding

Inset Day, by Mrs Harding


A safe and supportive environment; safe from hurt by others, in what they say or do; safe to learn within an enquiring environment; encouraging creativity, and a questioning mind.


Smart ways of thinking and learning, behaving and the way in which we present ourselves, as a member of Gainsborough School.


Treat others as you wish to be treated, help each other to be happy within school, greet others with a smile, help to create a happy and enthusiastic place to learn.

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