Year 5 2018 - 2019

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Taylor

Miss Garside

Miss Garside

Mrs Webster

Mrs Webster

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Robinson

Welcome to Year 5!

The tremendous Year 5 team are Mrs Taylor, Miss Garside, Mrs Webster and Mrs Robinson.

During the Spring Term, we are learning all about rainforests.   During our topic, we will be learning many things about these incredible locations including: where they are and why, what the different layers of the rainforest are, the animals that inhabit these places and the threats that these locations face because of humans.  

We will keep updating our year group page with some of the work we have produced so please keep a look out! 

Here are some interesting facts about us. Did you know...

Mrs Taylor loves Disney!  She is busy counting down until her next holiday there and even has a picture on the inside of our class cupboard door!  Her car has a Mickey on the top (which Mr Taylor finds a little embarrassing if he has to use it!).  The family guinea pig is even called Minnie after the mouse!  Her favourite film is Beauty and the Beast (the animated version).

Miss Garside is football crazy!  She plays semi professional football for Stoke City Ladies.  When she was a little younger than she is now, she was scouted by England under 21s and 23s (unfortunatley she was too old because she was actually 24).   Miss Garside has now fully recovered from breaking her leg two seasons ago and is back in action. She is the head coach of Gainsborough boys football team and other sports here.  As you know she is from Stoke therefore her favourite word is 'duck'!



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