All Year 5 children have been given a copy of the statutory word lists which is a list of words that they are expected to know by the end of the year.  Practise these regularly with your child so they are familiar with these. A selection of these words will also make up the final two spellings on your child's weekly spelling homework.  Your child can also practise these spellings online if you visit: http://spellingframe.co.uk/ .  Here there are activities linked to the spelling rules we will cover over the year, and the statutory word list words.  

We love to read in Year 5.  If you are not already members of the local library, consider joining so you can have access to lots and lots of books!  

The Reading Raffle

To win a ticket for the reading raffle is simple!  Read at least three times at home, have your diary signed and bring it in.  Then, on Friday, you will have a ticket given to you to put into the raffle.  Class 11 and 12 are also working hard to be Class of the Week for reading,  


Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe