Year 2 found Bog Babies in the woods!

This week, on a sunny, April Monday morning we went for a walk into the woods to see signs of Spring in nature.  When we got there we found Bog Babies!

We found them under leaves, on tress, near the bluebells (we know how much they love bluebells). We found them under the daffodils, in the little wooden play house, behind bushes and underneath the cherry blossom.  They all had different names.  We took our clipboards and hunted for as many as we could find.  We were very careful as we didn't want to disturb the tiny blue creatures.  We came back  into class  and made tally charts of how many we found. We shared what we found during the whool school assembly on Tuesday. 


A safe and supportive environment; safe from hurt by others, in what they say or do; safe to learn within an enquiring environment; encouraging creativity, and a questioning mind.


Smart ways of thinking and learning, behaving and the way in which we present ourselves, as a member of Gainsborough School.


Treat others as you wish to be treated, help each other to be happy within school, greet others with a smile, help to create a happy and enthusiastic place to learn.

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