Your child will continue to have daily phonics lessons. They are grouped according to the phase they are on so their teaching and learning is focused to their needs.
Phonics booster sessions will also take place to support children as and when necessary with any 'sticky' learning.

You will notice that weekly spellings are linked to the sounds within each phase. Please support your child in learning these.

During the autumn term, your child will complete the statutory phoincs screening. This will be administered by a familiar adult in school and the child enjoy doing it as it is their time to shine. The outcome of the screening informs further planning and support for your child and/ or groups of children.

Phase 3:                                                                              Phase 5:

Image result for phase 3 phonics      Image result for phase 5 phonics


During May, as part of the SATs all Year 2 children will be formally assessed on their spelling. The test will include the common exceptions words (below) and letter families taught in class through daily lessons. These will also be included in weekly spelling homework. It will benefit your child if you support them with this homework.


All children have now been given a copy of the common exception words - please make sure your child can read and spell all of these.

Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe