Year 2 trip to Queen's Park

We had a wonderful day in Queen's Park yesterday. The weather was kind to us and we managed to avoid the rain.  We walked in pairs looking at geographical features of our local area.  We talked about human and physical features.  When we arrived at the park we split into classes with Class 6 starting in the play area and Class 5 going on a walk around the park.  Class 6 put into practice lots of science work on forces by pushing and pulling the equipment in the park eg pushing the swings, pulling the roundabout etc.  It was tiring work but lots of fun!  The adults had a little go on some of the equipment too which greatly amused the children!

We met back altogether to have lunch and many had brought their teddy bears to have a picnic.  The bears had received a real  picnic invitation from the children as part of our learning about different text types.  We sat and watched the bees buzzing around the beautiful flowers which were in full bloom.  The bears were wellbehaved and so were the children.

After lunch we swapped over, and Class 6 went for a walk around the park.  We saw a real treat, a pair of swans and their 7 cygnets.  The children were capitvated watching them.  We also made 'helicopters' out of sycamore seeds and had a good run around the bandstand.  The geese followed us around for a little while before realising that we didn't have any food!

We walked back tired yet happy.  Thank you to all the grown up helpers both within school and some regular volunteer helpers.  Mrs Spencer celebrated her birthday with us which was lovely.Thank you Year 2 for behaving so well and being curious about the amazing world around you.

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