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Learning a musical instrument brings so many benefits to a child's overall development as well as developing a skill and interest that a child can have for life. Music for Life is a not-for-profit music service working in partnership with schools which currently arranges lessons for more than 4,000 young people across our area. There are opportunities for pupils to have a 10 week course before the summer holidays if they would like to try lessons out in school. The deadline for booking a new course to start after the Spring holiday is 31st March 2019. Please note that bookings are subject to a final confirmation from the tutor and from school that the extra course can be accommodated but more than 99% of people who request lessons will get a place.

You can find out much more and book online here:

Payment for courses can be made using almost any debit or credit card and can be spread over several months or paid in full in advance on booking if you wish. Financial support with the cost of lessons may be available in cases of hardship; please contact Music for Life before booking if you would like to discuss this.

After the 10 week course, a report on progress will be sent to you and you can then decide whether or not to book continued lessons in September, or whether to change the course.

Some other links you may find helpful in learning more about the work of Music for Life are:



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