Geography Week

This week has been georgraphy week at Gainsborough!

Every year group learned about a different European country.

The children shared their learning in a whole school assembly.

During geography week the children have:

  • used computers to learn about their chosen country
  • written interesting facts
  • worked out population statistics
  • drawn maps and pictures about the food, culture, tourist attractions, etc.
  • learnt how to speak some of the words and phrases 
  • discussed the different religions in Europe

Reception and Nursery looked up details on the UK

Year 1 focussed on Finland

Year 2 studied Turkey

Year 3 learnt about Greece

Year 4 concentrated on Romania

Year 5 looked up information on Egypt

Year 6 researched Russia

Be Ready:

- To Listen and Learn
- To Share
- To Follow Instructions
- To Work Hard and Do Your Best
- To Help and Be Kind

Be Respectful:

- Think About Others
- Use Good Manners
- Choose the Right Behaviours
- Talk to Others in the Right Way
- Accept and Celebrate our Differences

Be Safe:

- Play and Learn Safely
- Report Bullying or Unkind Behaviour
- Move Around School Carefully
- Tell an Adult if You Don't Feel Safe
- Look After Each Other

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