French Fun Day

On Monday 17th July we held a whole school French Day to support our learning of Modern Foreign Languages. It was a great day with lots of fun activities linked to France.

In Nursery the children made some lovely French flag bunting and sang French counting songs. They learnt about Paris and built Eiffel towers. At snack time the children joined in a french food tasting and had brioche.

In reception the children made tricolor flag bunting, they enjoyed tasting croissants and brioche, listening to French stories and counting songs, playing boules and having their own Tour de France on the bikes. The children also made some gorgeous Monet ‘Water Lillies’ masterpieces.

Year 1 designed some lovely bunting and had fun counting and singing in French. They also did their maths activity using a baguette theme! They had lots of fun finding out about France!

Year 2 enjoyed learning about the geography of France and how to get there. They sang fun Greetings and counting songs and wrote all about themselves in French. They also made some lovely French themed bunting and Tour de France jerseys.

Year 3 had fun counting in French, learning all about the Tour de France and designing their own jersey for the race. The children also made their own French passports. The children also really enjoyed tasting a variety of French foods including baguette, pate, brie, quiche and brioche!

Year 4 children practised counting in French and played some fun counting games. They looked at the story ‘Le chien gourmand’ and enjoyed doing activities linked to the story. They also watched Mr Bean’s holiday.

Year 5 talked about healthy eating and learnt new vocabulary for French foods items. The children also re-created their own fantastic school logos using the pointillism technique based on the artist Seurat.

Year 6 had fun playing lotto (number bingo), and enjoyed learning about the Tour de France. They created a menu for a French breakfast and also created some fabulous artwork based on the French artist Henri Rousseau.

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