A full week complete!

Date: 15th Sep 2017 @ 2:39pm

What a busy first week back we have had in Year 1. All the children have settled in well and are getting used to all the new routines. They have had fun exploring the classrooms and playing in the new outside area. They have also all enjoyed having the opportunity to go and buy their own snack at breaktimes!

We have been busy getting to know the children and introducing them to their new topic, To Infinity and Beyond! We have heard all the children read and they have new books to share with you at home. Also, we have started our daily phonics lessons and the children have had fun learning new phonemes in their groups.

The children have already enjoyed completing lots of work such as different writing activities and outdoor maths. They all loved exploring each others favourite toys on Wednesday and were extremely excited to examine different materials in science on Monday. Ask them about the week and find out which activity has been their favourite.

Finally, thank you to all the parents who managed to come to our parents meeting. If you didn’t and you want to know what was discussed please do not hesitate to speak a member of the year 1 team next week.

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