Parent Questionnaires

Governors are keen to talk to parents on a regular basis. Each term the governors and school leaders have a focus and seek the views of as many parents as possible. 

Governors/senior leaders are highly visible at parent's evenings and provide the opportunity for parents to share their views either verbally, through completing questionnaires or through written feedback. Click below to see an overview of parent responses. Here are some of the comments parents have made about Gainsborough.


"Both our children are having a fantastic school experience."


"Keep doing what you do!"


"My daughter came from another school about 18 months ago and has come on leaps and bounds. She loves school and comes home happy. We can see a noticeable difference in her learning."


"Very good at keeping parents up to date with the newsletters."


"Teacher relationships are great."


"Spacious clean classrooms. Very good facilities."


"Consistent learning/teaching throughout all year groups, especially marking."


"I am very happy with my child's progress at school. I'm also happy with the way she is looked after"


"Since my child joined the school in September I have seen him thrive in maths and English. I have also seen him come out of his shell and he isn't as shy as he used to be."


"Both my girls are really happy at school and are doing fab!"


"Support with needs. Pushing for what's needed."


"The school treats all pupils as individuals."


"Nice friendly atmosphere. Teachers always welcome children in the morning."


"Plenty of feedback, easy to get hold of teachers. Happy kids."


"You are all doing a great job. We are really pleased with this school. Thank you"



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A safe and supportive environment; safe from hurt by others, in what they say or do; safe to learn within an enquiring environment; encouraging creativity, and a questioning mind.


Smart ways of thinking and learning, behaving and the way in which we present ourselves, as a member of Gainsborough School.


Treat others as you wish to be treated, help each other to be happy within school, greet others with a smile, help to create a happy and enthusiastic place to learn.

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