What is nurture?

Our nurture sessions offer pupils a postive place to develop their social and emotional skills, improve resilience and use these skills to deal with difficulties when they happen. Sessions involve a clear structure and a routine which includes group listening and speaking, set tasks, individual and shared play and social skills. The key themes of consistency, positive reinforcement and praise are a feature of every session.


Who attends nurture sessions?

Nurture sessions at Gainsborough is open to groups of children in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


What happens in a nurture session?

A typical afternoon in the Nurture Room would revolve around a theme for the session. All pupils would know at the start of the session what they will be working on and trying to improve. Children have the opportunity to share good news, explore thoughts and feelings and work collaboratively on a practical task. Children work with new peers regularly, encouraging co-cooperation and confidence. Within sessions, opportunities are tailored to the needs of the particular group and age range. They learn to make and share a snack together and the opportunity is given to choose and try new foods! Children learn to share and talk together with peers and adults. Outdoor learning is an important part of nurture too.


What might we talk about at nurture?

There is no set agenda at nurture to discuss but we try and talk about how the week has been since the previous session. Refelection is key theme at nurture. Some of the things we may discuss are: 

- Share one thing that has made you proud this week. How did it make you feel?

- Share one thing that has made you angry this week. How did you respond?

- Share one thing you do that helps you when you are feeling angry. 

- Share one situation where you made the wrong choice. What did you do to make it right?

- Share one situation where you made a good choice. 


What do our children say about nurture?

"When I am at Nurture I can't stop smiling."

"I like EVERYTHING about nurture."

"Nurture has helped me to be less angry."

"It is a happy place at nurture because we share things."

"I help my friends when they need help."

"Nurture helps me talk through my problems."

"My friends at nurture help me solve difficult problems or things I am worried about."

"I like playing with my friends at Nurture."

"I like going outside in to the woods, doing art with my friends and having FUN!"

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