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“Pupils make good progress during their time at Gainsborough Primary School and, when they leave at the end of Year 6, are well equipped for the next stage of their education.” OFSTED 2014

Our Commitment to Quality First Teaching and Learning.

We have a commitment to promote the highest possible educational standards by providing varied and stimulating learning experiences, targeting underachievement and having high expectations of our pupils.

Our staff recognise and provide for the needs and talents of each pupil regardless of race, gender or religion and reinforce positive standards of behaviour as agreed by the whole school community and underpinned by our discipline policy.

 Happy Faces Nurture Group

Here at Gainsborough we understand the diverse world we live in and also accept that some children and families need a little extra support.

Our nurture group offers a safe non-judgemental environment for some of our most vulnerable children. Each session incorporates all the basic life skills children need to learn to live a full, honest and happy life. These are listed below:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Resilience
  • Confidence to speak out
  • Confidence to be comfortable in their own skin
  • A listening ear
  • Language skills and appropriate use of language
  • Taking turns
  • Hygiene
  • Good manners
  • Keeping safe

Our nurture room is a safe place for children to be able to be themselves and is managed well to support the children to form positive relationships with each other and staff.

Children are accepted and not judged by academic levels or behaviour in school.

The group leader is reliable and consistent in her approach to the children and all children feel valued.

The nurture group understands the value of one another’s individual feelings and understands the importance for all people to feel listened to. Every session starts with ‘chat and share’ to encourage children to talk if they wish to, about past events or feelings that they may have felt recently. The group leader starts off this, modelling good language and says “What went well…., and then carries on with “What didn’t go quite so well,” and the way it made her feel but also modelling that it’s ok to have these feelings.

Every child in ‘Happy Faces’ is understood and observed throughout the session but in greater depth  during choosing time, (reward for the children) where the group leader carefully observes each child’s behaviour from a distance to better understand the child’s needs. This helps to understand the child, and inform how to manage the child’s behaviour.

This observation time enables the leader to understand the child in greater depth and therefore can deal appropriately with different types of behaviour, responding to the child in a firm consistent manner but not raising voices or discouraging the child. This then stops behaviour from escalating.

Good language skills are modelled by staff throughout the session and feelings are discussed in most activities; these is because lots of children can’t express themselves verbally or accept criticism or praise, so therefore act out unwanted behaviour.

During each session the children have the opportunity to take part in a sharing game; this teaches the children patience, good sportsmanship, taking turns, encouraging others and most importantly the art to lose graciously!

During each session the children will learn about good hygiene, and the importance of washing hands before eating. Snack is provided and the group leader makes toast whilst the children hand out milk, plates and cups. The children then butter and have the opportunity to add jam to their toast. Snack is eaten at the table; this encourages good table manners and again good listening skills.

Children are expected to tidy away after themselves and understand they must only have one toy out at a time.

Happy Faces is a very positive group and teaches children how to be resilient. We believe that life can throw many challenges at children and adults alike. We teach children not to dismiss what makes us feel sad, but talk about their feelings and reassure them that it’s ok to have these feelings and also to concentrate on all the good in their lives, giving them the tools to bounce back quickly.

It is very important that all children have the opportunity to learn these skills because without them, children can’t develop socially and emotionally, which then leads to children being suppressed and they will not thrive.

At Gainsborough we have open minds and realise that children have a variety of emotional needs, therefore we understand the value and importance of nurture.

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