Gifted and Talented Pupils

We believe in providing a quality education, where all pupils can thrive and access the curriculum. This includes those of higher ability who we refer to as “Gifted and Talented”.

We aim to improve the attainment and motivation of these pupils, to enable them to work towards their full potential and provide a wide variety of different challenges and support. Our gifted students in Year 6 receive additional teaching in maths, reading and writing at a neighbouring secondary school and in house specialists.

In addition to academia, we are proud of our focus on nurturing and celebrating musical and sporting talents. We provide specialist musical tuition from Music For Life and athletics training from a specialist coach. These specialist activities are available to all the pupils. 

A variety of opportunities are available across the school to children who show a particular talent or gift in a certain area.  So far this year opportunities have included:

  • Year 6 gifted and talented writing workshop.
  • Year 3/4 gifted and talented maths day
  • KS2 Crewe Out Loud performance for gifted singers and dancers.
  • Atheletics afterschool club - in preparation for Town Sports
  • Football afterschool club
  • Year 6 gifted and talented maths sessions with Ruskin High School, concentrating on problem solving.
  • Year 6 gifted and talented reading sessions concentrating on inference and higher order thinking.
  • Year 6 gifted and talented writing workshops.


We are extremely proud of all of our children and their wide range of talents!



Be Ready:

- To Listen and Learn
- To Share
- To Follow Instructions
- To Work Hard and Do Your Best
- To Help and Be Kind

Be Respectful:

- Think About Others
- Use Good Manner
- Choose the Right Behavious
- Talk to Others in the Right Way
- Accept and Celebrate our Differences

Be Safe:

- Play and Learn Safely
- Report Bullying or Unkind Behaviour
- Move Around School Carefully
- Tell an Adult if You Don't Feel Safe
- Look After Each Other

What's Going on at the School