Gifted and Talented Pupils

We believe in providing a quality education, where all pupils can thrive and access the curriculum. This includes those of higher ability who we refer to as “Gifted and Talented”.

We aim to improve the attainment and motivation of these pupils, to enable them to work towards their full potential and provide a wide variety of different challenges and support. Our gifted students in Year 6 receive additional teaching in maths, reading and writing at a neighbouring secondary school.

In addition to academia, we are proud of our focus on nurturing and celebrating musical and sporting talents. We provide specialist musical tuition from Music For Life and athletics training from a specialist coach. These specialist activities are available to all the pupils. 

Throughout the year we offer a range of afterschool and lunchtime clubs for those children who display a particular aptitude for an area. For example, athletics clubs in preparation for Town Sports.

We are extremely proud of all of our children and their wide range of talents!


A safe and supportive environment; safe from hurt by others, in what they say or do; safe to learn within an enquiring environment; encouraging creativity, and a questioning mind.


Smart ways of thinking and learning, behaving and the way in which we present ourselves, as a member of Gainsborough School.


Treat others as you wish to be treated, help each other to be happy within school, greet others with a smile, help to create a happy and enthusiastic place to learn.

What's Going on at the School