Family Learning

The Family Support Worker at Gainsborough works closely with parents to promote attendance, punctuality, positive relationships and aims to reduce any ‘barriers to learning’.

The school offers a variety of different family learning opportunities.  We work closely with Cheshire’s Family Learning Literacy and Numeracy programmes.  Some of our most successful courses are led by ‘Twenty First Century Parents.’  These bespoke courses are so successful because they are written specifically for the needs identified by the parents themselves.

For more information, please contact the School Office.


A safe and supportive environment; safe from hurt by others, in what they say or do; safe to learn within an enquiring environment; encouraging creativity, and a questioning mind.


Smart ways of thinking and learning, behaving and the way in which we present ourselves, as a member of Gainsborough School.


Treat others as you wish to be treated, help each other to be happy within school, greet others with a smile, help to create a happy and enthusiastic place to learn.

What's Going on at the School